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Senator Mattera And Senate Republican Conference Release Comprehensive Report On Record Inflation

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Senator Mario R. Mattera (2nd Senate District) joined with his colleagues in the New York State Senate Republican Conference today to release a detailed report on historic, record-high inflation. While the report is daunting, the Conference also unveiled a plan to provide taxpayers, families, and businesses much-needed relief. Please click here to read the full report.

The comprehensive report shines a light on the true struggles of everyday New Yorkers under surging costs. It highlights where and how much prices have increased, how incomes, wages, and household budgets have been affected, and analyzes overall consumer sentiment. The report also links the failed economic policies of Albany Democrats to additional inflationary pressures.

“While the residents of our state are struggling, New York State leadership is failing to act to help them from the failures of national leaders. The Senate Republican Package we are unveiling today will take some important steps to provide that relief by fully suspending fuel taxes, implementing state spending caps and enacting other measures that will help decrease the cost of living every New Yorker faces today and in the coming years. The time to act is now and we stand united in doing so for our families,” said Senator Mattera.

“Our comprehensive report on inflation reaffirms what we’ve heard from millions of New Yorkers: individuals, families and businesses are struggling under higher costs and the failed policies of One-Party-Rule. Our policy solutions are designed to help the forgotten, hardworking taxpayer; the New Yorker who gets up every single day and works hard to provide for their family; the New Yorker who deserves better than having to decide between filling up the tank or feeding their family. As our nation sadly goes into economic recession, New Yorkers can’t afford out-of-touch politicians who refuse to acknowledge reality. This economy has been broken under their watch. Senate Republicans are listening and ready to act,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

Please click here to read more about this important issue.

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