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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

New York is facing record crime, rising violence and a broken criminal justice system.

The voices of the victims are not being heard and one-party rule in Albany is focused on pro-criminal policies. The Democrats in the Assembly and the Senate continually focus on the rights of those who break the law while ignoring the needs of our residents and families.

I have been calling for reforms to our criminal justice system to put the victims and hardworking men and women of law enforcement first. It is time to repeal bail reform, stop letting dangerous criminals out of jail and to give our law enforcement officials BACK the tools they need to do their jobs to protect our communities.

Common sense means putting our law-abiding residents first and the rights of those who break the law at the end.

I am proud to BACK THE BLUE and will not stand by as one-party leadership in New York State puts a target on the back of our hardworking men and women of law enforcement. Our public safety is something that I will stand up for and work hard to protect.

I am honored to have the trust of all police unions in Suffolk County and throughout our state and look forward to working with them to bring common sense back to law and order.

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