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Our state is seeing an unprecedented rise in the cost of living. We are feeling this even more here in Suffolk County.

The cost of everyday necessities keeps increasing with our residents feeling there is no sign of relief.

One-party rule in Albany approaches this major issue by making minor changes and fails to grasp the issues that the hardworking men and women of this state face. From groceries to gas to home heating, our residents need and deserve immediate action from their elected officials.

Instead of common sense solutions to the problem, the Democrats are pushing for All Electric Buildings Construction Starting in 2023. While we all support the move to renewable energy to protect our planet and future generations, any change of this magnitude must be done through a plan that is created with the input of stakeholders from the energy community, the labor field and, most importantly, the people of New York State. A rushed ban will cost jobs and increase cost on all our families in a time when people cannot afford to pay more.

Even more bothersome is their newest tax on our residents - Congestion Pricing. This is a blatant renewal of the old commuter tax and it is an unfair reach into the pockets of those who must travel to New York City that could cost drivers over $30 per day and trucks over $80! New York City must stop using our communities as its ATM and this is an idea the state should reject.

Please click here to read more on this issue and our efforts to halt it from impacting our families!

Recently, I joined with my colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference to release our study on inflation and to offer solutions that will help grow our economy and create jobs for our residents. The time is now to make sure the hardworking men and women of our state and Long Island get the relief they need and deserve.

Please click here to read more.

Our families need their state to work for them and not the other way around.

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