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As a decades-long labor leader, I know first-hand how important a solid infrastructure is to our community and our economic future. Investment in sorely needed improvements leads to better travel, greater business opportunities and - possibly most importantly - job creation for our hardworking men and women.

As someone who has first-hand experience in building and overseeing the construction of major infrastructure projects, I know how important they are to every part of a community, a region and a state.

From working with the Town of Smithtown to secure over $40 million in grants for sewer construction in Smithtown and Kings Park to fighting to get the Town the money they were owed by the State, I fully understand that funding is the key.

So is proper planning to make sure our state is using money wisely and I have full confidence that Smithtown Supervisor Ed Wehrheim and Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth will be full partners in proper infrastructure investments that will make life easier for our residents and create the jobs that our hardworking men and women of labor need.

Having a common-sense approach to improving our sewer systems, roads and bridges will help create needed jobs, improve business opportunities and enhance our tax base without overtaxing our already overburdened residents.

I have gotten my hands dirty and fought to create a better Suffolk County all of my working life and know that we need to continue that work for the betterment of all our residents.

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Thank you for (service) and to the office and all staff members. Thank all for standing up against NY Political instability. Keep the gloves off and continue fighting the good fight that the overwhelming majority of NY‘ers want, deserve, and need.

Me gusta
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