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Join Senator Mattera To Fight Increased Gas Taxes

Senator Mario R. Mattera and his colleagues are fighting the Senate Democrat's efforts to force our families to pay more to travel to work, drive our kids to school and heat our homes. Their proposal would increase gasoline taxes by 55-cents per gallon and raise the cost of natural has for residential home heating by 25 percent and that is simply unfair to our community.

Our families already pay too much and this short-sighted legislation would add to the burden of all New Yorkers – especially those who live on Long Island – and our state has to stop reaching into their pockets for more of their hard-earned money. This newest attempt to take more money from our families is on top of the $4 billion in new taxes that were recently approved by the Senate Democrats.

This is unfair in good times and, at a time when our community is working to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, it is unreasonable. The time is now to say our residents cannot afford any more and I hope you will join me in fighting this unfair energy tax.

Please click here to join the effort to protect our residents and our families:

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