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New York State Senator Republican Conference: No More Mandates

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The New York State Senate Republican Conference recently held a press conference to call upon Governor Kathy Hochul and Democrat One-Party Rule to end one-size-fits-all Albany mandates and return to a system of governance based on facts, collaborative decision making, and guidance.

“A few months ago, our healthcare and frontline workers were ‘heroes.’ Now they are zeroes thanks to Albany mandates that have led to thousands leaving their professions. Staffing shortages, cancellation of “elective surgeries,” and race-based medical treatment – enough of the politics. This is unacceptable, which is why I am proud to join my Senate Republican colleagues in calling for an end to the one-party restrictions today. Together we can go back to our normal lives and take our state into the right direction,” said Senator Mario Mattera.

Specifically, Senate Republicans are calling for an end to statewide school mandates and healthcare/workforce mandates, among other mandates – and to instead shift to recommendations and guidance. Additionally, local control over public health response(s) would be restored, as decisions on mandates would be left to acts of local governing bodies, under one Senate Republican proposal.

Challenges presented by some of the statewide mandates include:

  • Massive healthcare staffing shortages, based on the original vaccination mandate and upcoming booster mandate - impacting regions of the state differently;

  • Cancellation of “elective” surgeries based on state definition of capacity;

  • Numerous school and childcare closures, which have resulted in even more learning loss and mental health decline among schoolchildren;

  • Children 12 years and older kept out of extracurricular activities if not boosted when there is a Covid exposure, yet still able to attend school and travel on the bus;

  • To qualify for the oral antiviral medications priority eligibility is given based on race and ethnicity; and

  • A potential vaccine mandate for school children.

Today’s announcement follows Senate Republicans’ unveiling of their ‘Take Back New York’ 2022 Agenda, and is the first part in a multi-pronged plan to restore accountability to the state government in the aftermath of disgraced ex-Governor Cuomo’s rampant abuses of power.

Last year, Senate Republicans led the charge to end disgraced ex-Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers – a months-long effort designed to compel the Senate Democrat Majority to check his authority in the wake of the nursing home scandal and coverup, and curb Cuomo’s many other abuses of power throughout COVID-19 pandemic.

Please click here to view the press conference.

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